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Downtown Family Update - (correction)

By Ellis Prince in Gallery Church Downtown about 1 year ago | 318 views Link:

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

This has been an extremely difficult four weeks for my family.  Our Father in Heaven has been faithful, and He has been using you to help us through.  

The Meal Train has been such a blessing to our family!!!  

The notes, cards, and messages have been timely.

Your prayers have been a source of power for us.  I can’t even articulate fully how this is true.  This valley that we have been walking through has been deep, dark, and cold.  You have been a treasured gift from the Father in Heaven.

Ginger’s and my ministry to you is so far behind.  We are not trying to let the lost time discourage us, but it is a difficult fight.  We hope to be back to strength Thanksgiving weekend.  You will not see us this weekend, but we will be in worship with you on November 19.

There are so many things to discuss with you, here is just a sampling:

    • Voiceless Video and Discussion on December 1
    • Where we are with our new work at Riverside
    • Advent Series – “Longing with Isaiah”
    • Prayer & Fasting Week – Jan 2-11 (Acts 19 and Ephesians)
    • Weekly Offerings and a budget deficit of approx. $25,000
    • Guatemala – financial need and the 50 children who need sponsors
    • Our local Ministry development to the poor and children
    • The Christmas season worship and meeting schedule
    • and so much more…

I’d ask that you pray for my mom (Barbara) as she has a heart procedure on Tuesday, November 14.  The procedure is actually one that I had about 12 years ago.  It’s called an ablation. They hope to cauterize a spot in her heart that is causing rapid heart rate.  I will be traveling down to Forest, VA to be with her (I leave Monday and hopefully return on Wednesday).

One of our bright spots over the last month has been the letters we have received from our daughter regarding her time in Guatemala.  They have encouraged us and our daughter (Lauren) has given us permission to share them with you.  I will be posting them soon.  You will be blessed.

Please read ahead in Hebrews in preparation for Sunday – Chapter 11!  My prayer for us, “Lord, Father in Heaven, please help us mature in our faith.”

Grace and Peace be with you.

Pastor Ellis (and Ginger)

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